Friday, April 28, 2006

I know Will's the movie buff, and I'm not anywhere near an expert on movies, but if you know me, I tend to be opinionated, so here's what I got on this movie...

I will start with the disclaimer that there is language and a couple of sketchy scenes that could be detrimental. If you're able to get past that and take the movie in for what it set out to accomplish, it will rock you. I honestly really liked it. I thought it was the bomb at representing the harsh reality that we, many times, pretend doesn't exist. The actors were phenomenal. They sold it for sure. You even get to see Ludacris show out a little bit. The character development was addictive. I wanted the movie to keep going. So much credit should go to the writers, directors, and producers. This was done with creative genius. I would suggest seeing this with an open mind, and see where you fit among the characters.


J Leraris said...

I agree. I thought it was a great movie. I wish I had known last night that you'd seen it , we could have talked about it on the ride home. Most movies with multiple stories and character groups become confusing and eventually uninteresting(Magnolia), but this one was easy to follow as well as intense from start to finish. I do feel that the writers might have found a racial jokes loophole. Crash was loaded with slurs serving as the comic relief, but since racism was portrayed in a negative light, it was ok.

Anonymous said...

stop doing my job! you stick with your own blog.

actually, that was a good review. could have used a few examples and certain reactions, but for a rookie, you ain't bad kid.

as for j leraris...calling Magnolia "uninteresting" might be fighting words...let me check the books on that one.