Saturday, September 17, 2005

And so I conform...or maybe I'm just curious. I want to keep track of the events of my life in a public forum...I think. I tell myself this is a trial run. We'll see what happens.

Tonight I'm sad because Tennessee lost. It's really frustrating to be so invested in an event in which I serve no role other than "spectator". I can't figure out if it's our coaching or if our boys just don't want to play hard. Keep in mind my perspective tonight was limited to the 30-second updates on Fox sports because I was sitting in the inpatient pharmacy (in the basement) of the VA Hospital Memphis. No TV's...which means no details. Ainge finally showed up...sort of. And we lost by a bunch of field goals? Really? Did we? Then why didn't we kick a few of our own? Were we greedy? Was that our fatal flaw? Who knows? I don't know that SEC football is going to come through for me this year as a major form of entertainment. More times than not I am left agitated and discontent. Maybe I'll adopt a hockey team or something...hmm.

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